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About Minerals:  Minerals Are The Spark Plugs of Life

Minerals are often referred to as "the spark plugs of life". Rightfully so, as nothing happens in your body without minerals. Minerals are required for EVERY single metabolic action and reaction, starting at the cellular level.

Minerals work with each other and with other nutrients, such as vitamins and enzymes, to keep the body in perfect balance. Deficiencies in any one mineral can cause health problems.

Minerals are essential. That means you must get them from your daily diet because your body cannot make them. If not enough minerals are available via the diet, your body will simply rob what it needs from your bones, paving the way for osteoporosis to set in.

What People Say About Micro-Minerals

Anna Greystoke from Pigeon Forge TN says "All of your products including your Micro-Minerals are simply off the top. You are correct in saying that minerals are the spark plugs of life. I definitely feel the difference if a miss taking them for a day or two. Keep up the excellent work as we certainly do appreciate it."

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Specific Essential Minerals And Their Function

Calcium: bones and teeth building, muscle contraction, heart action, nerve impulses, blood clotting

Magnesium: bone building, liver functioning, transferring waste and other toxins, balancing alkalinity, muscle activity

Potassium: nerve impulses, alkaline balance, heart rhythm, cell membrane health and function

Copper: red blood cells formation, tissue formation, cholesterol control

Zinc: sexual function, insulin storage, carbohydrate metabolism, wound healing, immune system function

Iron: red blood cell formation, oxygen transportation, enzyme activation

Manganese: protein metabolism, carbohydrate metabolism, connective tissue building, joint fluid production, Vitamin B1 utilization

Chromium: Glucose utilization, insulin activity, heart beat

Phosphorous: bones and teeth building, energy production, balancing alkalinity, calcium absorption

Molybdenum: enzyme activator, uric acid formation

Selenium: Vitamin F synergist, a major and potent anti-oxidant, anti-cancer nutrient, pre- cursor to glutathione

Silicon: bone formation, tissue formation, cartilage formation

Boron: reduces calcium loss

Vanadium: increases strength of bones and teeth, lowers cholesterol

A supply of available and adequate minerals in your daily diet is imperative. Mineral deficiencies in the United States are at an all time high; don't be part of the statistic!

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Micro-Minerals Bio-Chelated Formula Makes It Easy To Get Your Daily Dose Of Essential Minerals

A quality mineral formula must be completely Bio-Available. This means your mineral supplement must be both recognized by the body as something it needs and it must be in a form that the body can use. It is unfortunate that the majority of mineral supplements are seen as useless by the body.

For example. most forms of calcium are simply ground calcium rock or ground coral. Most forms of magnesium are derived by burning magnesium ribbon and is the same magnesium you will find in Milk of Magnesia products designed to relive constipation).

Don't flush your money down the toilet!

Micro-Minerals go above and beyond the call of duty. Micro-Minerals are balanced, naturally sourced, and gently Bio-Chelated to produce forms of minerals that your body recognizes and can use.

While Bio-Chelation is a complicated and lengthy lab process, it's the best way to insure that you are getting the top quality mineral supplement that you deserve.

If you are having issues with bone density, please take a peek at our OsteoPlus bone building formula. OsteoPlus and Micro-Minerals go hand in hand to meet both general and therapeutic needs.

Be advised that saturated fat is required for the uptake of minerals. Saturated fat in moderate amounts is healthful for the body, despite what you may have read or heard. To meet your saturated fat needs, consider our professional-grade and mercury-free fish oil.

Suggested Use:  It is strongly suggested that you take two fish oil soft gels with each serving of minerals. This will meet your daily mineral requirements and your Omega-3 Fatty Acid requirements as well. With regular use, 1 container is 1 month's supply.

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